MIAMI HERALD: The music, composed by Franklin and Elba, is tuneful, upbeat and clever. The band wields dynamics like a light saber, hitting sonic booms and doo wop vocals to tell Rat's story. It's not unlike The Who's Tommy performed by the Pixies.

BROWARD/PALM BEACH NEW TIMES:  A masterpiece... An engaging tale within the body of emotionally charged songs.

SUN SENTINEL: An impressive collection of songs that depend on the strengths of the songwriters’ respective styles. The music can be loud, naturally, but it’s never gratuitous and is insistently melodic...The Rat Opera, offers as much admiration as accusation, the songs celebrating Falestra’s fathoms-deep musical knowledge, uncanny ability to draw beautiful women to his side and fundamentally genial nature (albeit one shrouded underneath layers of unfiltered noise and outspokenness).

MIAMI NEW TIMES: Uniquely weird.