ALMOST 20 years in the making.


Originally conceived in 1996, the Rat Opera is a homage to (still breathing) producer and avant-garde artist Rat Bastard. Rat has been a fixture in the South Florida music scene for over 30 years – and has produced some of the earliest demos of the area’s best acts.  Founder of the yearly International Noise Conference, he’s widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of “noise rock” – a dissonant cacophony of sound he himself described once as “unlistenable.”    In the early 1990s, he set his sights on Spin Magazine’s Worst Band in America award – and won.  By day, he is Frank Falestra, South Beach condo President and former long time airline employee. By night he is someone altogether different…he is Rat Bastard.

A love story of sorts to both a music scene and the people involved in it, the core of The Rat Opera, of course, is the music, which has been lauded by local music critics as "a masterpiece", "energetic and boisterous," "insistently melodic," "decidedly tuneful" and "not unlike The Who's Tommy performed by the Pixies."

Created by Rob Elba and Brian Franklin, the Rat Opera has now been performed over 10 times on stages throughout South Florida, including 2 packed nights at the Cinema Paradiso.

Elba and Franklin will now be shopping the production to producers.  Interested?  Contact us.